Features We Provide

Touchscreen POS

  • Seamless and user friendly designs for each terminal
  • Unlimited accessible tabs for quick admittance to all items
  • Use pictures for quicker choice and brand acknowledgment
  • POS Grids for thing decisions and natural determination

Inventory Management

  • Inventory levels changed in accordance with all arranged terminals in a split second
  • Perform channel stocktakes whenever you please
  • Easy to audit the inventory to avoid any misscalculations before adding into the system
  • Unlimited number of inventory items with different price levels
  • Process supplier invoices whenever you please

Customer Display

  • Item details show while being entered
  • Promotions and data shared at the POS
  • Use actually pictures or video for moment impact
  • Captive crowd for in-store advertorials


  • Individual logins utilizing M-Pin
  • Full employee log to time the executives
  • Reporting of financials by cashier for staff motivations
  • User permissions to permit/forestall program access

Speed of Service

  • Barcode checking for moment item/client passage
  • Label printing for non-barcoded things
  • Auto apply Sales to help staff upsell
  • Fast-cash catches in neighborhood money groups

Our Facilities

Integrated Card Payments


Minimize staff error and increase sales speed by utilizing the technology of an integrated card payment terminals facility. You save time and money.

Customer Relationships


Customers are the life-blood of your business, and it’s easy to give them that little bit extra, without it costing you the world. As standard, PAYR POS includes a customer account database, along with customer rewards and loyalty. All this combines to give you the best tools to foster the relationship with your customers.



Promotions help to increase a customer’s average spend in your store, by enticing them with additional benefits such as a package deal. It’s cheaper to buy all your items in a promotion than each item individually.




If you are happy for the customer to return their goods,you can record the reason why.



Coupons are an enticement for customers to come back. Offering both first time and existing customers a discount on their next purchase, gets them back in the door to spend again.

Product Groups


Grouping of stock items for reports, sales or to improve customer information is paramount to success. Attributes give you an advanced tool to effectively mould your stock items into customized groups that are relevant to your business.

Why is PAYR POS different?


Intelligent reporting at your findertips

View your stores from one centralised & real-time web admin dashboard

Built for PAYR POS of Sale

A cloud based reporting solution built by PAYR POS for our market leading Point of Sale software!

Audit your POS transactions

Create, view and export your favourite reports and dynamically search through every transaction recorded at the POS using the report Section


Frequently asked questions

Can i integrate my enterprise software with PAYR POS?

Need to do custom development as per requiremnt.

Can i install PAYR POS on my own hardware?


How safe is my data?

We have used our custom encryption algorithams & also use SSL for backend

How can i obtain a copy of my data?

Currently we are providing export to excel and PDF functionality in reports

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